2017 : Gold Award in the New York International competition in addtion to a gold in the New Zealand Olive competitions.

Feb 2018

Wind caused a few branches to break last week but the new olives are developing well and most trees stood up against the wind.  Perhaps because of the very warm summer there has been a good fruit set.

We have made Olive leaf tea this last summer which is very like Green tea in flavour but less bitter at the end.  Also producing our own olive oil soap, which has been a little bit of a challenge but very rewarding to produce.

We have been using a digger to continue developing the property. This last year there were changes in springs and we did develop quite a lot of wet areas - now drained.  We have planted 2-3000 native trees over the last 3-4 years and they are slowly growing and will help stabilise some of the steeeper areas.


June 2018

The olives are slowly ripening and we have done one harvest of manzanillo.  However the weather currently is against us and we will wait a while to let them ripen further.  Our dilemma is always between the birds eating them rapidly, the weather and wanting them to ripen more to get both and early pressing and late to get the best oil flavours.

The trees look good though, with the Kalamata being  particularly heavy cropping.this year

Sadly some of the fruit succombed to frost so we did not have the bumper crop we hoped for but the oil that we got was great.  Also we were able to do a bigger amount of table olives when we could hand select them. They are pickling well and taste great.

April 2019

A slightly patchy fertilisation but trees extremely healthy and particularly Manzanillo and Picholene have heavy crops this year.  We are looking forward to a good harvest.